Membership Criteria

Ordinary membership to the COPACSO is open to all community based organizations, district and national non- governmental organizations committed to its objectives and mission.

Membership in COPACSO is open to groups and organizations that:
  1. Share its vision and organizational values;
  2. Are registered;
  3. Are non partisan and with no political mandate;
  4. Have among their objectives and activities issues related to pastoralism livelihoods assets development;
  5. Are willing to regularly share information on their objectives, activities and programmes with COPACSO and make meaningful contributions to COPACSO¡¯s programmes when called upon;
  6. Are able to pay membership fees and annual subscription to COPACSO;
  7. Can commit time in the fulfillment of their objectives to activities related to pastoralism development or partner with the COPACSO in one way or another with regard to that activity;
  8. Willing to share responsibility in or common goals and further the preamble, purpose, principles and objectives of COPACSO, especially in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as well as poverty eradication; and
  9. Have interest and are willing to offer their talents, time and services as a gift to transforming the lives of pastoralist people of Uganda and at the same time enrich the organization.

Procedure for Application

  1. All membership to the COPACSO will be upon application and approval by the COPACSO Executive Committee;
  2. Application forms provided by COPACSO on request will be filled in and delivered to COPACSO. Attached to the forms will be the organization¡¯s profile, which details its mandate, objectives, activities, districts of operation and interest in pastoralism issues. A copy of the registration certificate and other relevant information on organization must be attached to the application in addition to a recommendation letter from the District Community Development Officer or Chief Administration Officer; and
  3. The Executive Committee will examine the applications. The new members will be communicated to in writing and then will be required to pay membership fees and can be listed as members of the COPACSO.

Membership Requirements

  1. Completed application form;
  2. A recommendation from the District Community Development Officer or Chief Administrative Officer;
  3. Organizational profile and a certificate of registration; and
  4. Information on the structure, objectives and activities must be included.

Categories of Members

COPACSO shall have two categories of membership namely:
Ordinary members shall be organizations that share the vision of the organization and are interested in the promotion of the objectives of COPACSO; and
Associate members shall be distinguished persons or international non government organizations working in the areas of pastoralism related policies, goods and services. Their admission shall be by the invitation of the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. Such members shall pay no subscription and carry no voting rights

Dissolution of Membership

  1. A member who wishes to withdrawal from the COPACSO shall submit to the Executive Committee a notice of 21 days stating its intention to willfully withdrawal;
  2. Membership shall cease where a member is found guilty of working outside the preamble, purpose and principles of COPACSO. However, this shall be done after two warnings and a hearing between the member and the Executive Committee;
  3. One shall cease to be a member of COPACSO if it engages in activities that are illegal or detrimental to COPACSO objectives or activities;
  4. One shall cease to be a member if it fails to pay annual subscription fees for two consecutive years without reasonable justification to the executive committee; and
  5. Notice shall be given to a member before being scraped from the list of membership.

Membership Fees
All organizations joining COPACSO as ordinary members shall be required to pay a one off membership fee as follows: A Community Based Organization Shs 50,000 ( Shillings Fifty thousand only), a district level NGO Shs. 100,000 ( Shillings One hundred thousand only) and a national level organization Shs.150, 000 ( Shillings One hundred and fifty thousand only).

Annual Subscription
All COPACSO ordinary members shall be required to pay an annual subscription as follows: A Community Based Organization Shs 50,000 (Shillings Fifty thousand only), a District level NGO Shs. 70,000 (Shillings Seventy thousand only) and a national level organization Shs.150, 000 (Shillings One hundred and fifty thousand only).

COPACSO Secretariat

Coalition of Pastoralist Civil Society Organisations(COPACSO)
Plot 1521, Block 29, Mawanda Road
P.O Box 26990 Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256-414-697-137