Lobbying and Advocacy

Uganda Pastoralist Week

COPACSO has been host to the Uganda Pastoralist Week. The UPW was first held in 2006 with the aim of beginning the mainstreaming of pastoralism and agro pastoralism into the Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) which was the Uganda national planning framework at the time. Since then UPW has been organised in 2007, 2008, and 2011. It brings together pastoralists, agro pastoralist and organizations that work with them on one hand and institutions and individuals who have powers and influence that impact on pastoralism related issues. The Uganda Pastoralist Week consists of activities like field trips, thematic discussions, exhibitions and gala nights among others.

Regional Symposium
The first ever Eastern Africa Regional Pastoralism Symposium was held in May 2013 in Kampala, Uganda.  It was held to discuss the joint initiatives on livestock development, food security, markets and trade, drought resistance and climate change that have been developed by the governments in East Africa and the Horn. These initiatives include: the African Union Pastoralism Policy Framework, the East African Common Market Protocols, the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), the IGAD Drought Resilience and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI) and the experience from ECOWAS in general and particularly the Republic of Niger.  It was also an opportunity to bridge the knowledge gap of the pastoralists regarding initiatives that seek to address cross border issues in the region.

Media engagements
Changing the attitudes of the public about pastoralism and pastoral people is very important. Hence COPACSO has actively involved the media in its work. This has been through radio talk shows, newspaper supplements, learning routes for journalists and discussion forums.

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