Principles and Objectives


COPACSO is driven by the following principles that inform its Vision and Mission:
  • Membership participation
  • Gender integration/mainstreaming
  • Rights based approaches
  • Empowerment and development of pastoralists
  • Pastoralists have an identity


  • Build and raise a common voice to advance the wellbeing of pastoralists in Uganda;
  • Lobby for the recognition of pastoralism as an economic and livelihoods system led by the pastoralists themselves;
  • Demonstrate the advantages of pastoralism to the economy and environmental protection;
  • Create a forum to lobby government and development partners to place pastoralism in the midst of all development agendas;
  • Conduct research on pastoralist issues and disseminate data for making informed decisions for the benefit of pastoralists;
  • Build capacities of member organisations to enable them participate effectively in policy and legal processes and debates as well as planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development interventions in their areas of operation;
  • Establish cooperation with pastoralists, pastoralist organisations and organisations friendly to pastoralism in East Africa, Africa and the world at large; and
  • Mobilise resources to support the implementation of pastoralist programmes.

COPACSO Secretariat

Coalition of Pastoralist Civil Society Organisations(COPACSO)
Plot 1521, Block 29, Mawanda Road
P.O Box 26990 Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256-414-697-137